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All the Roses in the World.


Hello Everyone!

Well it’s official it is finally SPRING, yay! It is finally that time of year when things start to seem a little less gloomy, a tad bit brighter, and a whole lot warmer. And for those allergy sufferers like me the time when allergy medicine becomes your best friend in the whole world. With spring comes a breath of warm air in which we can start imagining those upcoming (or reminiscing on) the summer nights. Also, the time when the earth becomes covered in beautiful flowers. 

That is what todays post is about flowers. I know it seems so cheesy and simple but give me just a second to explain and you’ll see what I mean. I would like to compare a single gorgeous rose to life. A rose when one sees it in full bloom is wonderful and splendorous this is like life. From the outside looking in a persons life is excellent and nothing is wrong with it but much like the rose life has thorns, and other imperfections in it. However, instead of tossing the rose to trash can just  because you mis handled and pricked yourself your just grab it with more caution. This too is like life, just because you have a crappy day,  week, month, or year does not mean we should throw in the towel and call it quits. We need stand back up and learn a new technique on how to handle life. So my friends, be handle life like the beautiful rose. Admire the beauty, be cautious of the thorns, but never ever give up life is to amazing to just give up.  

Stay fabulous and rock those spring colors my friends!


With love and affection,