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Learning Patience In a World of “Time is Money and Money is Time”

In our busy day-to-day life we are rushed to do everything. We are rushed to eat lunch, to get somewhere, to finish something, or to take a quick nap. In our great American nation we no longer take time to stop and smell the roses, we are always rushing (which is why I think fast food is popular). Anyway, this post is not about a revelation on how I think we should make time for everything about about how we need to stop rushing into love.

With the upcoming Valentine Day season you can not go to the store without being surrounded by “I Love You” balloons and teddy bears all priced extremely high. Some of my single girl friends are beginning to think they will be forever alone and my guy friends are steering clear of anyone looking for commitment. However, we need to STOP with the idea that we need to find love! Us a twenty-something college student I can’t commit to buying a certain brand of cookies because of their price let alone make the commitment to marry someone.

Our generation has two sides one that does not want commitment until they’re 50 or those who by now are married/engaged/have children. Both options are fine if it is what you choose however here is some food for thought: what if we rush into a marriage/commitment/partnership/whatever label you choose and later on we find “the one” who we are truly meant to be with? What if the only reason we made a commitment to someone is for fear of not finding someone else or of being alone? I mean, we are considered the selfish generation why can we not be selfish with our love and wait to make that big step with someone who you truly want to be with not with someone who you at the tender age of nineteen thought was your end-all-be-all. Sometimes we try to get ahead of our own destiny instead of it finding us. 


This small though was brought on by this song that my mom loves, “Tarde by Ricardo Arjona” I included a link for those of you who want to listen to it. 


– Warm Wishes, 



Two of Life’s Greatest Lessons… That I’ve Learned So Far.


Two of Life's Greatest Lessons... That I've Learned So Far.

Hello everyone,

I hope your life is great. Today, I did a lot of self reflecting and I realized that in the short 20 years that I have been alive I have not learned many of life’s lessons; but, if there was something in my head that was certain I knew two things. 1. Love is complex and there is many spectrums of love. 2. Knowing how to respects others is essential in surviving. Now I’ll discuss them a tad bit more in depth.

1. To give and to receive love is one of the greatest treasures that a person could posses. However there are many shades of love and the single most important thing you should love is, yourself. Without loving yourself you can not give love or really appreciate it when you receive it.

2. Respect. Respecting others and yourself is essential in being able to live a fulfilling life.

I know these two life lesson’s I’ve learned aren’t much but I think for being only 20 years old I’m not doing bad.

With all my love and affection,



Hello everyone!
     First and for most I would like to apologize to everyone for not having posted in a while. I had midterms this past week and that absorbed my life. If anyone else was on the same boat I commend you on survive! 

     So, the most stressful final I had was about the History of Iran. I know it sounds super interesting and it is but it kicked my behind into next year. Anyway, one of the authors that we had to read was the great poet Rumi. This poet wrote about many different subject but his idea of love is the one that, to me, was the most interesting. He wrote, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” This struck a chord with me when I read it because lately I have continuously thought, ‘Where is my prince charming?!’
     The reason for this is that everyone and their dog has been blowing up my Facebook feed with their engagements. Which is great don’t get me wrong, but I feel everyone is on a different stage of life and I’m still stuck back in a mentality of wanting to get a really good education. Am I doing something wrong? Is it the classic case of, “It’s me not you”? I just don’t know. 
     Then after getting worked up about me not having a boyfriend I think, how many of them are truly happy with their choice? I know of at least two friends who got married because they got pregnant, and some that are doing it because they want to get out of the house. And worse I know of many who are in abusive relationships. So am I really missing out? Am I doing something wrong? No, me and all you beautiful single people out there are  just not settling. We are not going to stay with someone out of fear of not finding someone else. We must never settle for our minimum; what we must do is strive to find that person who are Rumi says has always been in us the entire time. 

   Well there you go my friends a random post about love and my rant. Sorry if was too rant-y. Stay fabulous everyone and promise to never, ever settle for less than what you deserve. 

With all my love an affection,