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Sick Days and Beyond


Hello Peeps!

I would like to formally apologize for not posting in ages. I have been super duper sick lately (the stomach flu and regular flu has been going around here at school). So I’ve had to deal with doctors, medications, and throw up bags for the past week and a half. It hasn’t been pleasant but I did learn a couple of things from it. 1. Who you can count on and 2. How to make really, really good chicken noodle soup. 

My parents were gracious enough to make the 6 hour trip up to school to take care of me and bring me medicine which meant the world to me. Also, friends here who were so considerate of what I needed. It really made me place things into perspective and value what I had both health wise and people wise. I’m so blessed to have SO many great people care about me. 

Two, I made delicious chicken noodle soup the entire time. It was awesome. Oh, and Panera has scrumptious bagels that compliment the taste of my soup. 

Well, off I go to finish all the work I missed those days. 

With much love and affection,