Two of Life’s Greatest Lessons… That I’ve Learned So Far.


Two of Life's Greatest Lessons... That I've Learned So Far.

Hello everyone,

I hope your life is great. Today, I did a lot of self reflecting and I realized that in the short 20 years that I have been alive I have not learned many of life’s lessons; but, if there was something in my head that was certain I knew two things. 1. Love is complex and there is many spectrums of love. 2. Knowing how to respects others is essential in surviving. Now I’ll discuss them a tad bit more in depth.

1. To give and to receive love is one of the greatest treasures that a person could posses. However there are many shades of love and the single most important thing you should love is, yourself. Without loving yourself you can not give love or really appreciate it when you receive it.

2. Respect. Respecting others and yourself is essential in being able to live a fulfilling life.

I know these two life lesson’s I’ve learned aren’t much but I think for being only 20 years old I’m not doing bad.

With all my love and affection,


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