Early Bird Special




Hello everyone,
     I hope all of you are have a fantastic week thus far. For me this week has flown by (just like the bird above) and I still have so much to do by tomorrow! But, stay strong my friends the weekend is coming and we will enjoy it! This weekend for me will consist of work, homework, and job applications for next semester. I know what everyone is thinking, “she is livin’ the dream!” and let me tell you I am. *she said sarcastically* 

      Anyway, today’s topic is about, like my title said, the early bird special. No, I am not referring to the early bird special at restaurants. But about the productivity one can have in the morning. As a college student we are always staying up past out bedtimes but in doing so are not getting a sufficient amount of sleep. This causes many of us at times to get headaches, backaches, and anything that ends in aches, so why do we do it? Honestly, for me is because I have TOO MUCH TO DO! The day is not enough to balance everything in my life out. However, today I woke up early, not by choice, but my body just woke me up at 7:30 this morning. I was not too happy because I had gone to bad at 2:30a. But, looking at the bright side of things I got so many things done. I decided that from now I will be going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. My mind and body are more refreshed I get more done because I’m not bogged down with the worries and the past events of my day. So this is my proposition to all you excellent student out there: go to bed early (I’m obviously not saying like 7:30p but a more normal time) and wake up early and see which way you get more things done. I think that the early bird special will benefit all of us. 

With all my love and affection,




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