Rainy Days Ahead


Hello, everyone!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their week. My weekend was super great I was able to see my family and hang out with them which was super great. What was not great was the fact that I got a tad behind on homework… Oh well it was work it. Like I promised in the last post here is a picture of when I met Austin Scarlett from Project Runway this past Friday —->Image

Well that being taken care of I would like to talk about the weather. I know this is what you usually talk about with someone you just met and you don’t want to make the situation awkward; however, I want to talk about the effect that the weather can have on our mood. This past weekend the weather was glorious! I mean it was one of the nicest days we have had here (I’m from Kansas) since the beginning of the year. However, today it is rainy, cloudy, dark, and just overall gloomy day. This apparently takes affect on everyones mood people are walking around with sad faces, tired eyes, and sagging bodies but I personally think we have to be a bit more optimistic than that. We need to look at everyday like a new miracle and make the best of it because what we portray on the outside has an affect on how people treat us. So here is my bit of advice for when you have gloomy days (whether they be weather related or not):

  • 1. Look up funny videos on youtube. It’s always a pick me upper.
  • 2. Take a hot bath/shower. For me when I take a shower its the only moment of my day when I can just relax and let my mind roam without being connected to some sort of technology or person.
  • 3. Phone a friend. “Can I phone a Friend?” is a popular phrase from a gameshow but this does help when you’re just in need of some good company

Dust off those clouds, shake your bum a bit, and bring sunshine into your day even if mother nature is not cooperating with us everyday. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

With love and affection,


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  1. It’s funny how much the weather effects us! It always beats me down when the rain and wind is blowing, and I’ve always chosen that day to straighten my hair. The water just curls my hair right back up. Sigh. Rain is a hair killer. 🙂 I liked your post. Do you watch any YouTubers, or do you just like the funnier videos?

    • I’m glad to find my fellow curly-haired gals out there! Now I don’t feel so alone in my constant battle of straightening my hair on the wrong days! haha. I only watch a few now-a-days; school had become much more demanding these past two semesters. I do watch the ShayTards and Jenna Marbles and just random stuff. Do you have and Youtubers you like?

      • I’m a little bit YouTube obsessed. I rarely watch TV, but I watch YouTube whenever I need to give my brain a break – some of my favorite YouTubers are: swoozie06, JacksGap, charlieissocoollike, and zoella280390 They are all pretty funny, so if you ever need a laugh you should check them out. 🙂

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